nursing resources? student wants advice

  1. Hello all
    I am wondering if anyone can recommend any additional resources that help in the clinicals. My prof said the lippencott manual of nursing practice which is great but does anyone know of a good pocket guide-1500 pgs doesn't go in the warm up pocket- they sell a pocket guide to this- anyone seen or used it? any and all advice is appreciated

    25 is in 20 days no longer in the 18-24 age grop in a survey
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  3. by   Altra
    Hiya Pride,

    Take a look at RNotes - Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide (Myers, Ehren published by Davis).

    It's pocket-sized, with laminated pages that you can write on and wipe off with an alcohol wipe. It has a little of everything, from nursing diagnoses & lab reference values to assessment cues.

    Oh, and the back cover also has a handy-dandy 4 in/10 cm ruler for measuring wounds, etc.

    Can ya tell I love it? :chuckle Happy shopping.