Nursing Resource Links?

  1. Within the last week or so, I saw a post from someone saying that there was another nursing website that was really good. There was a link called "Nursing Resource Links" they had inserted to go directly to it. The post said that you would have to join in order to enter discussions. Does this sound familiar to anyone besides myself? I've looked and looked and can't find that post anywhere... Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   P_RN
    This is what I got from by entering:

    Delphi Nursing Forums

    *This site* ( is the best I have found. It seems that we have a bit more participation than most of the other web forums.
  4. by   sageinbloom
    Thanks for the info... please don't misread my intentions! I think allnurses is a terrific site and I'm a very loyal visitor! Just like to know what all's out there... thanks again!