Nursing (malpractice) insurance

  1. Seeking nursing malpractice insurance protection. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for companies or what to look for in a policy?
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  3. by   Miss RNC
    I have my insurance through NSO nursing service organization. They have ads in every nursing magazine. I am pleased with them. THANK GOD I have never had to use it though. Maybe someone that has been involved in a malpractice case with them can give us some input.....
  4. by   bluesboyj
    I too use NSO but have never had to use their help. I've heard some nurses say if a patient knows you have malpractice insurance they're more likely to sue you over a bad outcome. First, how would they find out if you had insurance or not. Second, you may get sued anyway and while most if not all have coverage for their nurses, I've read of cases where when the hospital lost a case, they would turn around and sue the nurse to recover their money. There's too much to lose to not have coverage.

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  5. by   Brian
    Hello all!

    Besides being the largest and one of the most respected malpractice insurance companies, NSO has been and continues being a strong sponsor of this website . They have been very supportive of this sites growth and development. So of course, my recommendation is to go with NSO for your malpractice insurance needs. And be sure you tell them that sent you

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  6. by   barb o
    I also have insurance, and have for most of my nursing career. The entry that wrote about hospitals turning aroung and suing the nurse is oh so true. And, how many of you out there REALLY trust your employer to support you in litigation? Get your insurance. One error isn't worthy of a lost career.