nursing career information plz

  1. Hi, i'm new on these boards and i dont really know about nursing that's why i'm here to ask for ur info. I have learned some from reading around but i still have a few questions to ask.

    My questions are:
    What kinds of skills and aptitudes do you think are important for the students who mojor in nursing?

    Which elective courses do you recommend students take prior to applying to the nursing major?

    What kind of staff nurse position is popular?

    If the students do not get accept the first time they apply for nursing progam, can they reaplly?

    And if the students really want to major in nursing but are not good at science courses, should they major this field? why or why not?

    I'm sorry about my questions i know to u its just wasting ur times to answers them but i really wants to know to the answers to those questions. as u can see im still in high school n i'm really interest in nursing
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