1. Does anyone out there know of any Nursing associations out there other than the ANA? I would like to join one, however, the ANA is awfully expensive. your reply would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Youman
    I do believe that every state has its own nursing association. Like here in NY we have the NYSNA, so I would suggest that you do a search for such an association in your area. Good luck!
  4. by   NorthernRN
    Here in TX, when you join the Texas Nurse's Association, you automatically become a member of the ANA. There are a number of specialty nursing organizations that you can, if you're specialized. But for an overall nursing organization, I have to recommend the ANA.
  5. by   princessRN4
    I am in CT and last year they ran a special that cut the CNA/ANA membership fee in half for all new members. Maybe you could call your state nurses association and see if they are planning to run any specials throughout the year.