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Hi everyone! Just curious to see what you received for nurses week and from whom? From management we got a name tag halyard with company name imprinted, a heart that has imprinted logo that has a... Read More

  1. by   ubcnme
    For nurses week, on Wednesday a pharmaceutical co. held a FREE lunch at Sirloin Stockade for ALL the area nurses that could attend and it was great! There were nurses from all over town! Our so-called administration didn't recognize nurses week either, but our clerical staff managed to pool their hard-earned money (they make less than half what we do) buy us each gifts and have a potato bar luncheon on Friday for us! We loved the thought that was put into this and we had just done practically the same thing for them on secretaries day; I suggested that next year we have a staff appreciation day in lieu of these two days. A lot of people thought this was a good idea. Also, our clerks in our CD department got each CD nurse a teddy bear with a nurses cap and balloons attached to it; how nice was that?! All in all, it was a great week!
  2. by   Huganurse
    Great idea Rosy!!! Any ideas out there? Parties, potluck, gift exchanges, helping hands?
    I think it would be great if we could have a huge event that all nurses were invited to attend for different cities or areas to celebrate nurses week.
  3. by   sWolfie
    We got a pen, and a choice of a button or a t-shirt. They are having something everyday this week for everyone, including the public. I work third shift, so we more or less got nothing from this. That's ok though, we are use to getting to the short end of the stick.

    Happy Nurse's Week!!!
  4. by   fiestynurse
    This post is like a bunch of kids discussing what they got for Christmas. You call yourselves professionals! Grow-up!!
  5. by   Overland1
    Gee, I guess I better give back the Mercedes.......
  6. by   bellap
    All we got was Happy Nurses Week from the greeters at the information desk. They also decided to combine National Hospital Week with Nurses Week so we got double nothing!!
    All we got (if you chose to stop by at a table was a pen and a pin to wear for Hospital week. YIPPEE!!! Guess we are all so really appreciated!!! How disappointing!!!
  7. by   muffie129
    For Nurses Day, we were told by our VP, that we were "nothing more than BLUE collar workers", AND "very replaceable".( our hospt joined in to bring 400 Philippino Nurses to Maryland).

    I said that MY collar was rainbow...brown for poop, yellow for urine, green for vomit, red for blood...
  8. by   NurseAllen
    Originally posted by feistynurse:
    <STRONG>This post is like a bunch of kids discussing what they got for Christmas. You call yourselves professionals! Grow-up!!</STRONG>
    This is not about what we got, NONE of us do our job for the freebies. This is about how Nurses are respected by the places that they work. How appreciated are we on our day? How does it recognize Nurse Appreciation Day to reward the whole hospital? It's like giving a man a Mother's Day present. If it's not your day you shouldn't get anything.

    At my hospital we were rewarded with 1 6foot hero and a 12 pack of Coke for the entire hospital on the night shift - NO JOKE! (this is a large suburban hospital) All the employees were given umbrellas with our logo on it. There were heroS ice cream and cake for the day people (the cafeteria closes at 5p) And on my unit our manager had bagels for breakfast and a deli catered lunch for the 7a-7p shift and we on the night shift were given.....the job of cleaning up the day shift's mess. Due to staffing cuts we no longer have a housekeeper at night. And because the day people were so busy partying - the night people got slammed with 11 admits that night!! Happy stinking Nurse's Day!

  9. by   Jay-Jay
    We had a free luncheon in the auditorium of a ritzy retirement home. Staff Association covered the cost for lasagna, caesar salad, pop, cake and tea/coffee. Each nurse got a chocolate rose and a penlight with the company logo on it.

    Each group practise did something...talked about a special patient, did a skit, etc. We made a skit out of the piece "When God Made Nurses", and one of the other groups did a piece on "What They Don't Tell You About Community Nursing During Orientation!" It was hilarious! How to sweet-talk the case manager into authorizing extra to check voice mail on your day off without letting your family know what you're to drive, talk on your cell phone and eat your lunch all at the same time...

    One of the nurses talked about a cancer patient who'd been very special to me, and I was in tears by the time she was done! This lady had the most HORRIBLE tumor I have ever seen, but had such a strong desire to live. She was a shining example of courage, but a total pain in the butt sometimes, because everything had to be done HER way!

    We had a draw for door prizes. I got the least expensive one... an apple pie, while one of my teammates won the grand prize: a weekend for two at a bed and breakfast in cottage country!

    All in all, it was an enjoyable time of fun, food and fellowship. And for once, I had a light enough caseload that I was able to sit back and ENJOY it!

    I finshed the day with an IV restart on a patient who lived in a run-down old home with very poor lighting. After two unsuccessful pokes, he said, "Maybe we need a flashlight!" I said, "I've got one in my car." (for reading street signs and house numbers at night!) I went out to the car to get it. He held the flashlight, and I got the vein on the next try! Homecare nursing, god, I love it!!
  10. by   Smitty,RN
    CNA week??? When is that?
  11. by   RN1963
    Our admin. served us latte and coffee cart on the units, an ice cream social, logo tshirt..something every day and every year we get a big party at a hotel with gourmet meal , music and entertainment. We loved it! We have our staffing problems, too, but are in process of getting our magnet status, have no union; have our nurses self governing board.All in all, a good hosp. to work at.I really feel appreciated now that I hear your tales.
  12. by   sarah jones
    Nice to see that I'm not the only one who had a disappointing nurses week. This year the announcement said something about a Nurses Week Celebration in one of the meeting rooms -- no mention of a free lunch, so all of us had already run to Subway,spent our own money and grabbed a bite. The "celebration" was to go on until 5:00 pm but when we arrived around 3:00 the meeting room was completely empty and all the food gone, save a few willted lettuce leaves. We had to rummage around in a supply closet to find our free "gifts", a blue duffle bag. There was no one from administration or nursing service around to greet us or to even say "Sorry,we ran out of food".
  13. by   lesliee
    Nothing...not even a "Happy Nurse's Week".