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  1. by   harley007
    My daughter was 12 years old when she had a anticubital PICC inserted for Neuro Lyme's Disease treatment. This was in the old days of a 4 week limit of covered IV RX imposed by insurance companies. So, Mom/RN figured out I could get the IV Rocephen with my PCS card and a $30. co-pay, bought dressing packs from local IV care company and also rented a infusion pump from them. I was able to obtain all of her blood draws from the PICC and it was in place for over 10 months. The local radiologist that inserted the PICC, taught me how to recap the end because with time, bending of the elbow, etc it would crimp the lumen and make even infusion difficult. You had to cut a 1/4" off the end and recap it with a new tip. I had to do this three times over the 10 months. I don't recommend this but without insurance coverage this MD really saved me. I did flush it liberally and of course Mom/RN was able to change the dressing site or flush at 2am if need be. I cannot imagine how much more she would have been traumatized if she had to be stuck for her weekly blood work. I brought her to the hospital for labs and they were wonderful about letting me draw the bloods and never questioned using the PICC. The supervising RN actually learned to draw PICC blood form me. Just like others have said, slow and gentle as the lumen is small, discard initial 7cc and then you're ready to go. After taking a year to DX, more tests than can be imagined and finally a spinal tap, she has made a complete recovery!
    Just a weird note, I found an amazing cast cover that resembled a large yellow balloon and ended 6" above her elbow. She was able to go swimming that summer and shower with ease. The PICC never got wet and the Tegaderm stayed perfectly in place. With an identical twin and a brother 16 months younger it would have been so sad for her to be limited even more than she was by her symptoms. At least she enjoyed her summer just a little bit. :spin:
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