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  3. by   putta
    I am 38 years old,male, married, two children, presently living in India. Had been self-employed in the Electronics filed since 16 years, after Engineering course (could not pass out due to other reasons). Now, in debt due to heavy market down fall.
    Now, I am planning to get in to RN -AAS degree studies in NewJersey ! Also, in difficult situation to take proper decision, whether to get in to RN or LPN(and later RN) or to my experienced Electronics Technology AAS. COULD ANY ONE GUIDE ME ??
    Rajendra Halemane.
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  4. by   gwenith
    Welcome to a new member from India!!!

    Rajendra - you will probably get more replies if you post a new thread. When you post on the tag of another one like this people who might be able to help you miss seeing your post.