1. GUYS, if you have a used book store at your local library, check them out for NURSING BOOKS among those ole' paperbacks!
    I found four that were all printed within the past couple of years, still had price tags of 35-80 dollars on them. and looked brand new.
    They were all those big thick Ref. ones like we used in nursing school. I got 2 MOSBY's and a LIPPINCOTT, and some'in else. Two of them were MATERNAL/NEWBORN NURSING, and then NEWBORN/PEDIATRIC NURSING.
    Guess what- They were ONE dollar apiece! I was just blown away!
    The lady in the shop told me that they don't have them ALL the time, but Nursing/Medical books do come in fairly Regularly. GEESH, I wouldn't EVER get rid of my books, I kept my ole' 1984 drug reference book to use in a pinch if I need to from when I graduated nursing school.
    Just thought I'd pass on the tip!
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