Nurse without a spleen...where do I work??

  1. I just lost my spleen on 2/27 due to a splenic artery aneurysm, did not have much choice in the matter. I am a LPN who is due to graduate with my RN in May. My doctor is telling me due to the risk of severe infection I need to stay away from sick people. How can I be a nurse and not work with sick people? I work primarily Oncology right now, but my floor does get alot of general med-surg overflow. I figure Oncology should be okay because they are also immune-suppressed, but did not plan on spending my entire career there. What are my options? I know I can't be the only nurse with this problem any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    People with splenectomies are compromised only in the early weeks. Don't worry, you can still work as a nurse, you just have to be careful early on.