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  1. I have been an LPN for 5 yrs. I just graduated from college for my RN (this week). Two weeks ago I was dx w/ hepatitis C. I don't have the results yet from the liver bx. re: progression. I am worried about getting that new job...tell employer, or don't tell employer? I have gotten some imput and the opinions are mixed. If there is anyone out there with a similar situation, i would greatly appreciate some feedback. I currently work doing private duty nsg w/ a homecare agency. I am not worried about getting fired, I know they can't do that, but I was planning on getting a new job, maybe in a hospital. If anyone has experience w/ working in personnel and/or knows about hiring policies, I would appreciate feedback. Thanx.
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  3. by   NurseBoy
    I know nothing about the legal side of it, but surely there's no moral obligation to tell anyone, is there? Hep C is transmitted via blood to blood, so in your everyday work it isn't likely that you'll be putting anyone in danger - shouldn't that be the end of the story? Whatever you decide - good luck fluffer, cheers, NurseBoy
  4. by   fluffer
    Thanx, NB. Ps: Ahn, thanx for your reply. I did get it and found the information very useful. I think it would be a great post to share with others if maybe you felt up to repeating it.
  5. by   Ahn
    So sorry to hear of your current situation. As with any transmissible
    disease, it is important to insure the safety of both the client and the
    healthcare provider. Your health record is a personal and protected
    document. If you don't divulge any info from it - it would take a court
    order to do so. My advice to you is become very diligent with your own
    personal care. Keep yourself healthy, and maintain good sterile or very
    clean technique. Invest in the thicker disposible gloves for client care,
    and become dilegent with universal precautions. If you have any open wounds,
    or any other disease processes that would cause you to "shed" an organism -
    don't work until you recover. Don't share supplies, and carry 10:1 bleach
    solution with you in case of a personal blood spill. It is your right to
    work without fear of being discharged for a health related issue. But you
    also have a duty to protect the public and your clients. The public as well
    as healthcare providers still need alot of education concerning Hepititis
    and HIV/AIDS. Just as you know the importance of good handwashing technique
    to prevent the spread of disease, you also know that with a compromised
    immune system, you must be careful of what you come in contact with. Think
    before you act/react and there be no need to worry. GOOD LUCK, and take care
    of yourself!