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  1. Hello all, this is my first time using the BB. I am an associate degree nursing student, in the early stages of school. I am doing a report on nurse advocacy in regards to pain management and life-saving measures in terminally ill patients. I am just beginning my research, don't know much about it yet, and would really appreciate some comments. Any experiences, good reference places to look, or personal feelings on the issue would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   MollyJ
    There are many things you do not say about the nature of this paper and so it makes it very hard to answer your questions.
    Is this an opinion paper?? Are you supposed to document this with information from the literature?? The topic could literally be a thesis, but I am assuming at the stage at which you are, it isn't.
    Some questions you might want to think about: What is advocacy? How can you work with a family or patient to promote advocacy of the patient's needs? What are your legal obligations in terms of pain medicine management? What might be the restraining factors in good pain management?
    Try answering some questions and defining what this paper is supposed to do
  4. by   Ahn
    Check out website: Lippencot

    Margo McCarrery, RN, she is the preiminent founder of Pain Management.
    Also check out ANA position statements on pain management, and forgoing nutrition and hydration in the terminally ill -

    Good luck

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  5. by   Ahn
    corretion: Margo McCaffery
  6. by   Meegan
    Not too long ago, I wrote a paper on ethics and end-of-life issues. In addition to the ANA position statements already mentioned, I found a number of websites helpful. Two that I have bookmarked are: and /~DianneBrownson/ethics/html
    Both will get you started; good resources for other links.
    Good luck with your paper!
  7. by   Ahn
    Also check out:

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