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  1. while reading thousands of threads earlier yesterday, i found a post someone had written about a special kind of scholarship for nursing students. i believe the essence of it was that a certain percentage of your loans get paid back each year, with the possibility to get an exorbitant sum paid back eventually. if anyone has any information on this vague concept, i would really appreciate it..i feel like the name of the loands MIGHT start with a "k"... hmm..maybe i should be a detective instead of a nursing student..
    thanks for your help!
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  3. by   FROGGYLEGS

    This probably isn't what you're looking for, but there are several grant and scholarships listed on this page. Some are for loan repayment and some will pay for your education in full provided you work at a facility in "critical need".

    good luck finding it.
  4. by   jbro
    i think the perkins loan gets paid back for you if you graduate in nursing, you may want to check into that