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  1. Hi all...Okay, some advice, if you please. As I was headed off shift this morning, I was snagged by my UC, and, in her office, was basically told that the night shift was "having problems". I won't go into it all, but the jist of the "problems" were things that were either not true at all, gossip, or plain old back-stabbing. In all fairness to the UC, she had ONE legitimate complaint about some paperwork that didn't get done on time because I didn't know about it. STILL, I am willing to take full responsibility for the oversight (which had no real consequence, but that it put the day shift out about half an hour's worth of work!) The POINT of this is...HOW does one get support staff to STOP whining about each other, picking at each other, and nattering between shifts?? I ONLY work a 0.4 EFT, and yet am expected to "take care" of these things. The RN that works full time is CONSTANTLY checking up on and criticizing me. I have been an RN for almost ten years, and have NEVER had a problem with staff or co-workers like this!! Anyone have any good ideas about how to improve communication/staff relations or any non-threatening ways to let staff know that their gossip is only detrimental to staff morale and the facility in general? (not to mention the CARE OF THE RESIDENTS!!!!)
    Any ideas or thoughts or perspectives would be appreciated!!
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  3. by   CEN35
    Heather - confront them! There will always be inter shift whining, it's inevitable. That is the conclusion I have come too. As far as people you work with complaining, or checking up on you? I say tell them outright, I do my job and I do it to the best I can. However, it's apparent that a few of you have some problems with me for some reason. I don't know why? If you do come to me, don't run and complain to everybody else. Does the person that keeps checking up on you have seniority? Are they older than you? Are they the charge person on your shift? I can't ell you what might help, without knowing a few of these answers?