NLN Microbiology exam

  1. I am currently enrolled in an RN to BSN program and am planning to take the equivalency exam for microbiology. This is an NLN exam and the recommended study guide is a micro textbook. Needless to say this is a bit daunting. Has anyone taken the exam, and if so did you use a study guide that was helpful?
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  3. by   mariadawn
    Where do you go to take that exam?
  4. by   robinanne72
    Mariadawn: It is an NLN exam so it is given at the college I am attending. My understanding is, if the college accepts an NLN challenge exam, they will order the exam from NLN and schedule the exam dates. Or schedule the dates and then see who signs up. It is different from CLEP exams which are all given at certain colleges on specific dates. Hope that answered your question.