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  1. Hi everyone. I posted a couple times reagrding a charge from 12 years agao and sopke to BOn and that i staken care of. My question is once I do getthe ok from the board will I have a problem getting a job. I know all hopsitals do background checks. Do you think they wil hire me if im honest also? Anyone have a charge on their record and have a problem getting hired or had to explain themseves first. I have no problem explaining. Thank you Donna
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  3. by   smjlpn
    Hey! I can't vouch for hospitals. But I had a worthless check charge over ten years ago. I am licensed as an LPN in 2 states and have worked in LTC and MDs offices all of which have checked my background.
    From what staffing people I have talked to they tend to shy away from drug charges and violence charges. All you can do is be honest and hope for the best. There are no guarantees! Hope that helps!! Best Wishes! smjlpn