Newborn infant vital signs (frequency)

  1. Our hospital just changed to requiring VS q30 minutes (TPR) on an infant for the first hours past birth. This is extremely difficult when you're also caring for the woman who just gave birth. What does your hospital do?

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  3. by   cbs474
    Our unit is a busy unit (200-250 deliveries a month). Our policy is vs on a newborn q 30 min x 3, then hourly x 3. We assign a second nurse to attend the baby at delivery and perform all the necessary tasks such as banding, weighing, meds, etc. and then turn over the baby for the primary nurse to complete vs and care. This works out very well for the staff, even when we are very busy. The second nurse attending the baby may have someone in early labor who can break away for the delivery.
  4. by   nurseyperson
    Our hospital has a second nurse take care of the newborn for the first hour and a half or so...VS q 30 min X3, meds, measure, weigh, assessments, Dubowitz, bath and rewarming afterwards, etc. Then turn the baby over to the mother/baby nurse (OB nurse in most hospitals). The rational is that the babies have just been "resuscitated" and many need closer watching than is available when there is only one nurse watching both. Subtle changes in newborns VS can quickly mean deterioration of status and big trouble in little ones.

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