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Occasionally I have run across old ladies that say they use Tylenol to help them sleep (not Tylenol P.M., mind you -- the regular stuff). I would always blow it off, thinking that it was all in... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    My mom swears by Tylenol for sleep. My older brother would give Tylenol to his daughter for sleep, as would my best friend with her 3 boys. Never touched my kids, tho.
  2. by   pfleige
    Thank for the info I am going to try it! I like the price also!
  3. by   chartnurse
    Personal experience makes me a firm believer in Tyelenol to help sleep. If I am still awake at midnight after a busy day, and just can't settle down to sleep, I get up and take one tylenol. Within minutes of returning to bed, I am sound asleep until the alarm clock wakens me.

    I don't think this is psychological, we all react differently to medications. And as others have said, it may be the the pain relieving effects which help - although I never feel achey.

    The important part is if it works for you, go with it - and don't discount your patients reports of 'non-traditional' methods.
    We just found out at work that we're now going to be using Tylenol for circumcisions. We won't be giving it to relieve pain, but because their studies show it increases activity, and will therefore cause the infant to be less sleepy after the circ and facilitate breast feeding and bonding with mother.

    Go figure?

  5. by   Mama Val
    The nurses at the LTC home I worked at had an unofficial official standing order of 2 Tylenol at hs for sleeplessness and it worked about 90% of the time.
  6. by   panurse101
    I too work in ltc...and lots of our patients request tylenol to help them sleep. I. too, feel, it takes the pain away, which relaxes them and helps them sleep.
  7. by   patadney
    When I worked in a nursing home,I had an occasional pt for whom the doc would not order a sleeping pill.I would give them a Tylenol capsule and tell them it was for sleep-if they asked I would tell them it was Acetaminophen. It worked pretty well-I figured if I told them the doc didn't want them to have a sleeping pill,it would only make them upset and they wouldn't be able to sleep-figured it would relieve aches and pains and I might get a placebo effect at least.
  8. by   Tookie
    when l was on the floor - would give mild anealgeasia nocte if requested - as stated before it takes away the aches and pains that we take for granted - that more often than not this generation will not complain about

    I will now throw in another thought - l would also on night duty give panadol(anealgesia) an hour or so before the residents (elderley) would be due to get up.

    The feedback was that they would move easier in the morning and would not be in so much pain during the showering etc. - it just seemed to give them a kick start - particularly those people who suffer from artrhritis etc.

    Any thoughts or anyone else used this?

    by the way no longer on the floor or working nights now
  9. by   fab4fan
    We did all the time, back when I was working in Peds. It really worked wonders...those little kiddos settled down like magic!
  10. by   jhf0174
    A lot of people have a low threshold for meds. I see a lot of elderly patients prescribed Tylenol for sleep. (And a few younger ones, too) It wouldn't work for me, but for some 650 mg of Tylenol knocks them out whether they want it to, or not!
  11. by   forget it!
    I have worked in LTC and a few of the elderly women will ask for tylenol to help them sleep and it works for them. My mom use to call it her "dream pills" . If she was having trouble sleeping she would take two tylenol and the next morning she would wake up refreshed having a good nights sleep and she was not elderly she was only in her fifties. I guess meds work different on different people. My mom would not take medicine unless it was absolutely necessary so I guess her body wasn't immune to the effects of tylenol. If a person was routinely taking stronger meds the tylenol would probably not be effective in my opinion.
  12. by   beth davis
    I don't see how tylenol will help you sleep unless discomfort is keeping you awake. I've not seen it ordered as a sleeping pill.
  13. by   sannp2
    Hi! I have worked in LTC for 7 yrs. now and I don't believe Apap has anything in to actually make you go to sleep. I do believe that it helps my elderly residents with their pain, therefore they are more relaxed and able to get to sleep. I have arthritis in my knee and I know if it's hurting there's no way I can fall asleep. I also know from what my residents tell me that not all nurses are willing to take that extra step in giving out PRN meds. Sometimes I think we need to remember to put ourselves in the patients shoes,even when we're rushed because of staffing shortages.