New to the site... a little info about me

  1. Hey all ....

    I'm new to the site and I've just been scrolling around, reading a bunch of topics/replies, getting a little familiar with the site. I finally have a little bit of time to post some info about me:

    I am a ASN RN who entered the field in 2004 . I wanted to go straight into Psych but I was cautioned not to do that by many co-workers/management (I worked as a CNA before applying to nursing school so I could get a basic understanding of working in healthcare & to make sure I could touch peple in the sense of bedbaths, incontinance care etc you get the picture I'm sure. I loved being a CNA & I learned such valuable skills/tasks that I carried into my nursing practice, but I digress). The assistant DON recruited me straight out of school before I even took the NCLEX.

    So I worked on an extremely busy step down tele unit - eventually as charge RN, preceptor and orienting current RN's to the charge role - before I needed a change. I worked as a HH RN for just under a year & it was not for me as the documentation was killing me and the facility I worked for was non-supportive from day 1 but I tried to stick it out. I then worked per diem in a hospital on their tele unit, ICU, & a bit in their ED all the while looking for full time work mostly in Psych positions. Yes I was turned down a few times but I finally landed a position in a locked psych unit. I've been there 5 years and absolutely love it!

    So I know this is a long post, but that's me.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know it's long but I finally found some extra
    time to post😁
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  3. by   Atl-Murse
    Good for you finding your place in nursing
  4. by   Sparki77
    Thank you! Although I still miss bedside nursing and running codes etc I think I finally found where I belong. Most of these patients have absolutely nobody in their lives. I kinda get to be that "somebody" when time allows it and, of course, with boundaries.
  5. by   NightNerd
    Congrats on getting into your niche! Psych is great. I wish there were more medical-psych units in the world - it's a great combination of different adrenaline rushes, whether the code is blue or green. Welcome!
  6. by   Sparki77
    Thank you!! Ours is code white. Once in a while I still get to participate in a code brown... Lol