New R.N. grad. seeking O.R. position.

  1. My name is Christopher Sender and I am a recent graduate. I am seeking a position in an operating room setting. I currently possess Ohio licensure and BCLS certification. I can not offer job experience, but I do possess a solid knowledge base in nursing and related skills. My clinical experience consists of 2.5 years of: (Med/Surg, Skilled Nursing, OB, Pediatrics, Psych, Cardiac Stepdown/ Telemetry and observation in O.R. & Cardiac Cath. Lab.). I can also offer great flexibilty in that I am young, single and very anxious to start my new career. From the first time I set foot in an O.R., I knew that this was for me. I look forward to any and all inquiries.
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  3. by   Cterebessy
    I represent an oppurtunity in Wyoming that is accepting new grads into their OR. If you are interested please call me at 800-876-0500 x1722.
    Chris Terebessy