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  1. I just graduated from nursing school with High Honors, have passed by NCLEX exam, and am now a Registered Professional Nurse! Yippie!!!
    Anyway, My family and I were considering relocating to North Carolina. My first question is, Will my Licensure in NY State be accepted in North Carolina or do I have to retest. Secondly, The area we are considering is around Badin/ Albemarle, NC, How are the Nursing opportunities in that area?

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    I am a research assistant for two healthcare recruiters on the coast of NC.

    Please email me at

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    I work in North Carolina. You don't have to take the test again, but it will cost some money to get your NC license. Check out the that's the board web site - really usefull and handy. I live in Durham, so I don't know about those hospitals in that area. Good luck!!