New grad RN salary

  1. I have a quick question. Does all new grad starts with the same pay rate or it depends on what unit or department you will be assigned? If it matters, I am specifically talking about Florida and one who has BSN. Thanks!
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  3. by   KelRN215
    It's highly variable based on your area of the country. Some hospitals pay more for BSN, others don't. Some may pay more for specialty areas. As far as I know, when I was a new grad we all started out at the same base salary but everyone in my program was working on a floor. I have no idea if the pay was different for ICU, ER or OR. I do know clinic nurses were typically paid about ~20% less and nurses who worked at the satellite locations even less than that. They didn't have to pay to park, however.
  4. by   mmjsc
    Thank you!