New Grad-Relocating-Seeks Entry RN position

  1. I am a recent graduate, licensed in NY state; I am presently processing paperwork to transfer my license to NC. I plan on being available for employment as of 11/15/98. I will be in the Charlotte area.
    I have 2 yrs of clinical experiences in: Med-Surg, Psych, OB/L&D, Ped's, OR.
    My previous employment in other health related fields gives me varied viewpoints & experiences to draw off of. My history is: 10 yrs Medical, Dental, Veterinary equipment & Pharmaceutical sales, 7 yrs as a Licensed Vet. Tech, and 1 yr as a Dental Asst.
    Although my actual nursing experiences are limited to clinical time spent in nursing school, I have a good amount of background knowledge and much experience in the art of caring for others.
    Please contact me if there are any opportunities that I may suited for. My interests lie primarily in OR nursing. I am also interested in L&D, Matern., Ortho, & Psych. nursing. But, I am open to almost any position.
    Thank you
    A Williams
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