New grad in ICU

  1. Hi all, new to this site, and new to nursing. Graduated with a BSN last year, started in Med Crit Care at a 900 bed hospital in Detroit. Overwhelming, to say the least. Hospital provided extensive orientation, but still overwhelming. I'm looking for some friendly advice First, when is it that I will feel "comfortable" i.e., I feel like I take a thousand paces more than everyone else during a 12-hr shift because I am forever "checking everything". The nurses I work with all seem to have time to play on the computer! Second, after holding day jobs for 20 yr., could this 7a to 7p shift have something to do with it? Of course, I haven't really slept more than 4-5 hr in one stretch since Oct., when I went on my own. Perhaps a day position would help me to retain more information. Sometimes I would give my life savings for a bed and blanket, usually at 3amish! Well, that's all for now, very glad I found thios site!
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