New Grad: Accepted a part-time job on an oncology/nephrology floor

  1. Hi all!

    I recently graduated this past May, passed boards in June. I'm still orienting at the hospital I'm on (it's actually a new grad residency program for 12 weeks). All the new hires were sent a list from our managers about open positions. The floor I'm orienting on (oncology/nephrology) only had a part-time job posting available (2 shifts a week).

    I'm wondering if I made the right choice by picking not only a part-time position, but one on a specialty floor as well? There were three other full time positions available on a med/surg unit.

    Do you think I'll get enough experience in regards to the learning curve for a new grad being with oncology/nephrology patients opposed to working on a med/surg floor my first year? I'm hoping a full time position will come up for this area soon; I really like the floor. Or do you think I should call my manager back and ask to take up the FT position on the med/surg unit instead?
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