New discussion list called RNicq

  1. This is a new discussion list that allows the exchange of information via the ICQ activelist. Each message sent can be broadcasted to all the members, or only the ones you specify. There is also a messageboard for posting as well as a chat room if you feel so inclined to chit-chat.

    To become a member you will need the latest ICQ version (99b), You can get it here:

    or for those new or living in a cave and don't know what ICQ is go here to get the particulars (it's free)

    Once you are up and running, click the red and yellow button on top,(its the one next to the face)this will display the ICQactivelist area.

    Then right click on the ICQactivelist button and select "find/add ICQ activelist" (the button is in the middle of your ICQ panel

    Then add in the ID# to search for: 46900324
    The name will be RNicq

    You are now ready to begin communicating via the icq network.
    any questions you can contact:
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