New comer seeks help from LVNs and RNs about school and career planning!!

  1. Hi, I live in the Los Angeles area and recently decided to take on the nursing career path, after the economy and all that, and I've been doing research about the nursing programs and realize the most realistic way to do this is to get my LVN first, then RN, and the BSN. I was told there'll be a waiting list for the LVN program at the city college and adult school, so i looked into the American Career College since i was told they have the highest Nclex passing rate. But their tuition is over $31,000 (it's a 12 months program)

    Does anyone know a good school that's both reputable and economic?
    Is it realistic for a LVN to be both working and going to school at the same time later to get his RN?

    Help, please!
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