NEED help with an abbreviation

  1. I am a nursing student and I am trying to figure out what SEE stands for under my Pt medical history. I have looked it up but I cannot find anything. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Inquisitive one
    Are you sure that is wasn't SLE for lupus? Can you ask the patient? Surgical Eye Expedition? Maybe a typo-SSE - soap suds enema?
  4. by   suzanne4
    More than likely it is SLE for the lupus.
  5. by   gin2425
    I am @ home now trying to write a case study, but when I was in my clinical my Pt diagnosis was chronic pancreatitis. Med Hx was HTN and SEE. My instructer said she didn't know what it stood for and told me to look it up. I forgot to ask the nurse. Now I am just wondering if it has to with anything r/t his diagnosis. (And it's making me crazy to know) Maybe it was a misprint on his kardex. Thanks for any info.