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  1. I have had a LPn license since 2005 only worked 3 mo. on my temporary but did pass the board and currently have active licene. In Sept. 2006 I went for substance abuse tmt at that time was told i had to self report to al. board of nursing. I did. I finished the program approved by the board signed contact with the board for the VDAP program. I am not working its not easy to find a job when u must disclose ur restrictions. I am currently back in RN school which I had not planned to work until after i graduate from rn school. This is my question I was told I had to work before my time started i am being monitered drug screened all sort things to comply with them. So if i surrender my LPN license and dont complete the VSAP program when I apply for RN license will my application be denied any input will be great
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