need a part time work from home something fast

  1. Hi all,
    I have a serious financial situation and need to make some extra money fast. I know that there are some legit opportunities to work from home and I know that are lots more unlegit. Does anyone know of something I might pursue? I have 20+ years as an RN and have worked a variety of areas.
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  3. by   Halinja
    I sold on ebay for six years when my kids were small. I knew depression glass, so that's what I sold, then video games. The depression glass I got at garage sales and thrift stores, it isn't as readily available now as it was.

    I've seen some people make it on ebay doing garage sales and picking up name brand clothing to resell. Its not a lot of money for the amount of time you put in, but it is from home, and it is a lot of computer time.