Multi-disciplinary Rounds

  1. Our hospital has multi-disciplinary rounds everyday M-F on the med-surg wards.The main team consists of nurses, d/c planners, pharmacists, dieticians and sometimes social workers. The big problem is who will be accountable to document those rounds on 24 patients. They are thinking of doing rounds only on selected patients and have nurses and discharge planners split patients to document on .
    How do you document your rounds? how often do you do multi-disciplinary rounds? who are the main disciplines involved?
    do you involved all patients or selected pts. only??
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  3. by   Suzanne
    At our facility we conduct weekly meetings with medical, allied health, Extended care workers, clinical specialist nurses, aged care assessment team.
    This is every Monday to allow deadlines for discharge and ensure involvement of all team members where necessary.
    Nurses handover print outs are used and progress notes from the meeting put on them and filed in separate folder for reference later. This is done by senior nursing staff.

    These meetings allow feedback away from patient of areas causing delays in care such as family conflict and appropriate action planned to resolve problem without causing unnecessary stress to patient.


  4. by   Carlota
    Thanks Suzanne.Your documentation on progress notes that you filed become a legal part of the records?How much time do you spend on each patient?
  5. by   Sarge
    Hello, Carlota...We recently switched over to a multi-disciplinary focus system of charting. Each discipline can document on the flow sheet and progress record any needs for each patient...we are still working some of the bugs out (i.e. since all disciplines can document on one chart, it's frustrating (more so for the other non-nursing practitioners who have to hunt down the chart, etc). While we do have multi-disciplinary meetings to review a patients case if needed the new system identifies the patients needs and we can implement then earlier. basically, nursing, resp. therapy, social services, cardiac rehab, rehab, pt/ot/speech therapy, dietary, are the main disciplines involved.