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I was told that a great percentage of male nurses were homosexuals, (gay) what ever:(. Am I going to be percieved as a homosexual because of my choice to become a nurse? And if so why? Are people... Read More

  1. by   2ndCareerRN
    Hmmmmmm... well I may be gay , or I may not be. But whatever the case, I am comfortable with myself and with my chosen profession. If anyone has a problem with my, or anyone elses, sexual orientation, then they have way to much time on their hands, and may be just a little disturbed because they are not real sure of their own sexuality.
    Now my only questions is, if I am gay will it make getting accepted into L&D any easier ?

    Originally posted by 2ndCareerRN
    Now my only questions is, if I am gay will it make getting accepted into L&D any easier ?
    Bob, when I was in labor I didn't care who my nurse slept with as long as he/she got that freakin demon child out of my body

    And Bob... your smileys ROCK! (even the gay ones)

    :chuckle Heather
  4. by   LilgirlRN
    I work in a hospital that is located in the "progressive" part of town. There are many gay PEOPLE that I work with everyday. I used to be the charge nurse and still am occasionally. I've never had a patient ask that I change their nurse because the male nurse was too effiminate or the female nurse too masculine. I could care less if you're gay, republican or democrat, vegetarian or carnivore, handicapped or not, black,red, yellow or purple as long as you can do your job and I don't have to come "fix" (it's a southern thing) something you've screwed up. I expect a lot from people that I work with, I expect them to do their job, no more no less. I don't see how being gay would have anything to do with the ability to be a nurse. Just for the record I work with 6 men in the ED...2 of them, well if they were anymore outta the closet they would be standing in the street and the rest are run of the mill guys, who just happen to be wonderful nurses too, they all are. So, if you're a guy or a girl and you wanna work in the ED in the Birmingham, Alabama area...let me know, we have openings