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I was told that a great percentage of male nurses were homosexuals, (gay) what ever:(. Am I going to be percieved as a homosexual because of my choice to become a nurse? And if so why? Are people... Read More

  1. by   JMP

    Home again, happy to be on your buddy list. Let's chat ...... lets is the best way to see each other's views.

  2. by   CriticalCareOnc
    welcome to the world of male nursing. there are a lot of male nurses in our profession. nursing is fun and challenging. it is for every person who likes to take care of people, whether they are well or sick. i really do not bother checking out my co worker's sexual preference. if you are a male nurse and you are straight, so be it. if there are gay male nurses, there are straight male nurses too. it's like your priest or your doctor or someone else's dad. so why worry. security in one's own sexual orientation will make you less worried about this. explore your own feelings and beliefs. maybe you will worry less. just a suggestion... happy macho male nursing =)
  3. by   RNinICU
    The idea that a male nurse must be gay really makes me mad. Half of our staff is male, and none of them are gay. There are however two female nurses on our staff who are gay. And so what? Sexual orientation has nothing to do with what kind of person you are or what kind of nurse you are. I don't care any more about sexual orientation than I do about what color hair someone has. I care about whhat kind of care they give, and how they are to work with, period
  4. by   shygirl
    What difference does it make what people think of you? You know in your heart who you are and how you feel. I think the elderly feel that way because when they were little, only women were nurses. I don't think the younger generation feel that way. i work with 3 male nurses and the thought of one of them being gay, has never crossed my mind. Keep your head up
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Female patients, IME, don't seem to be concerned about the sexual preference of their nurse whether male or female. The prejudice IME seems to come from male patients towards a perception of a gay male caring for them...straight guys have hangups in this starts from early ages...little boys STILL insult each other by calling each other 'faggots', 'homos', and 'gay'. I hear it out and about in public regularly even in this day and age.

    And men in bars who try to pick up a girl and are rejected still insult the woman with 'lesbian' innuendo put this crap is still out there.
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    Could it be that YOU have an underlying perception that male nurses are often gay or worry that some one might think so? I think women, in general, are more accepting whether or not that is true or not. It probably doesn't help that on tv shows, that is occasionally the portrayal, but as many of said, Who cares? YOU know that isn't a lifestyle you ascribe to, and if you are a good nurse, as I imagine you are, it wouldn't matter because you would have the confidence and tolerance to simply be yourself. In the female arena, we have had to tolerate so much stereotypical stuff that most of us probably don't even think about it much anymore. For instance, scads of porno films depict female nurses as, well, you know....Not to mention more than a few prime time shows and/or skits that present us as hot to trot, promiscuous, you name it. Who has the time for that? No nurse in any show I have ever seen is blood stained, whether by a pt or a period that hasn't been attended to because you are too busy. The bottom line is, sure, there are probably people who think that and it makes no difference. Patients need good nurses and those in acute need could care less about sexual orientation. It will most likely only be an issue if you make it one...
  7. by   DonB,RN
    Give me a break!! :chuckle I'd say percentage wise there are more homosexual men in the factories than there are in nursing. I mean if I were gay I'd want to work next to a big Ed, flexing his muscles and wearing his wife-beater, not next to a cute nurse!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    I work with quite a few gay men and have had several good friends who were gay men. Many IME seem more comfortable around women who are less judgmental of their perceived 'feminine characteristics' should they portray that...this may explain the draw to nursing, a caring profession which is female dominated.

    I've always enjoyed my gay male friends greatly...when I was younger we partied and dance clubbed together and had a great gals didn't get harassed by the prowling hetero guys out to pick up women either.
    Sorry to get off topic, but...

    To mattsmom - what does "IME" mean? I've heard of "IMO" (in my opinion) but never "IME". I know when I see it I'll have a "duh" moment, but I had to ask!

  10. by   I1tobern
    I think alot of this is stereotyping because nursing has historically been seen as a "woman's" profession, like teaching. Doesn't make it so.

    I have been treated by male nurses, and let me tell you, I couldn't give a rip about their sex life, just let 'em hit that vein on the first try.
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by DonB,RN
    Give me a break!! :chuckle I'd say percentage wise there are more homosexual men in the factories than there are in nursing. I mean if I were gay I'd want to work next to a big Ed, flexing his muscles and wearing his wife-beater, not next to a cute nurse!
    :roll :roll
  12. by   mattsmom81
    IME = In my experiences.
  13. by   RickZResh

    Don't sweat it man. I'm starting school for LPN in July and I hang with some hard-core motorheads and they rip on me and laugh. They say I'm going into a girly profession. But thats how we are. Whenever we can rip on each other for anything different or stupid stunt that we do, we do it. It is ALWAYS in FUN. They admit that it is a very good profession to get into. A couple others might be losing their high paid manufacturing jobs and are considering nursing, too.

    Anyway, you got to grow some skin (No insult intended) and WHO CARES what others think. Your getting into a great profession with unlimited opportunities. Good Luck.