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I was told that a great percentage of male nurses were homosexuals, (gay) what ever:(. Am I going to be percieved as a homosexual because of my choice to become a nurse? And if so why? Are people... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Since masters and johnsons studies proved that only 10% of human population is either exclusively hetero or homo, and the other 80% falling somewhere in between (bi-sexual) I think your all HarperValley Hippocrites

    If YOU interpret SEXUAL undertones when with coworkers it's YOURS.

    If YOU "act" GAY, or "act" HETERO zygote, remember you are in the minority, according to mastrs and johnsons sexual studies.

    I'm sorry :-(
  2. by   KlareRN
    Fortunately it does not matter to most of us if our co-workers (male or female) are gay...but the older population is still back in the day when male florists and male nurses were automatically considered gay and unaccepted.

    Before becoming an RN; I was a florist. The man who owned the shop I worked in was married and had 3 children. I will never forget the conversation we had one day when we were discussing the fact that he was ALWAYS being asked if he were married or if he was gay. He had the perfect comeback. It took place during a conversation he was having with a customer who was an engineer....

    Engineer- "All these years I have been buying my plants from you and I did not know that you were married"

    Florist- "Yep- got 3 kids too. They are almost grown"

    Engineer-"That's funny...I always thought all male florists were gay..."

    Florist- "Gee- and I always thought all male engineers were gay!"

    **This was an actual conversation and it was hilarious. The engineer laughed until he was crying...of course the rest of us were doubled-over!!

    If you are a male nurse- I give you credit because you are entering into a female dominated field...and I am sure there will be times when your sexual orientation will be questioned, criticized, and second guessed. But I also know some of the best nurses I know are men....some gay....some not.....And any of them can care for me anytime!!!
  3. by   micro
    and rather i wear ring or not.....or whether i have kids or not.....or rather........and the list goes on and on...........

    and micro will repeat herself from an earlier thread.......not to enflame anyone, please................

    i am not a man, but maybe in a past life

    but i truly do not care if anyone thinks i am gay, happy, dopey or doc..............

    cause i am micro
    (of course this would not be micro, bring me my cane)
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  4. by   JMP
    Everyone just be themselves. THe world needs more real people.
  5. by   4XNURSE
    Originally posted by JMP
    Man it burns me when people see being gay as something negative, bad, a reason to deny............ what business is it that anyone is straight or gay or both????????

    Everyone is who they are and their professional life is in no way shape or form a reason to judge their sexual preferances.

    If you are straight or gay......... you are a person first. People need to get a grip.

    Not much worse than homophobic attitudes! Drives me nuts.
    Thank You JMP!


    What the HEQQ does MY lifestyle have to do with YOUR career options?

    We are nurses. We all have chromosomes. I have been given the impression that yours are XY. There are more individuals in our proffession that have XX. Who cares? If you aren't sure of your sexual preference, it still doesn't matter what you choose as a career. If, like most nurses, you keep your intimate sexual behaviour confined to areas outside of the workplace, It's nobody's business but yours. If you bring it to work, it is either inappropriate or criminal, and should not be tolerated, in either case.

    When I go to work I become a member of a healthcare delivery team, made up of nurses, doctors, therapists, technicians, mechanics, and many others. I don't give a flying ____ what they do in their life outside of the work environment. It is what they do as a part of that team that matters, and that has nothing at all to do with the chromosomal status of their sexual partners.

    Be real careful with prejudice.

    just my $ .02

  6. by   AJACKT33Z
    R.J. : I used to be concerned about that when I was younger; all it did was cause me to delay going into nursing, I finally went to school @ 31---I had worked enough "macho" jobs in the trades to realize how dumb I was to care what people thought. I am not calling you that--but am supporting the idea that came to me one day that impressed me w/ it's simplicity:" a real man can do nursing because a real man doesn't care what they say" It helped me---now I suppose I'm going to hear what a pig I am--I don't care!! Hang in there, the females are very supportive, once they get to know you--most admit they thought I was stuck up--& gave me a hard time-the ones that did became closest friends & I'd take their company over past male freinds every time. I've married a CNA who is the best! Good luck......
  7. by   JMP

    You are welcome. Very welcome.

  8. by   Jay Levan
    This is a subject that I have been exposed to for almost thirty years. What I have learned may help you #1 is that as long as you are confident in your own sexuality, these assumptions will not bother you. #2 is that the public's perception of this Myth has not changed, primarily because there was no statistical information kept on this subject, also no form of educational information offered by our nursing organizations, to enlighten the general public Of course now there are "protections" in place for this(Homosexual) group of individuals("Don't Ask, Don't Tell.) #3 is that the Homosexuals in our society, and in our profession, would not cooperate, and indeed fight vigorously to keep this information private, for obvious reasons As an individual, and a Christian, I do not agree with their lifestyle, however as to the question "Should anyone judge another because of their sexual orientation?" I would have to say NOT! Which brings us to your question about being judged as a Homosexual, because you are in the nursing profession, and I am afraid that unless we (Heterosexual Males) in the profession make a concerted effort to a.) Attempt to gather statistically accurate data, and b.) Educate the Public, this unfare perception will continue. Please refer to #1 for the best advice I can offer, Good Luck in your dealings with this problem.
  9. by   JMP

    You may have dealt with this issue for thirty years,however, in that time you have not become too enlightened......sorry but it is the way I see it.

    First, being gay is not a "lifestyle". Living in the country, driving a certain type of car, choosing to be single, are LIFESTYLES. Being gay is just what it means. It is the way you are born, it is preset and you have to deal with the cards in your hands. Whatever they are.

    I am glad to see you are not judging someone based on their sexual preset, which I guess goes in your favor. However, as I have said in earlier posts, I am tired of people seeing gays in a negative way. The way is keeps being stated over and over on this post is " look I am a nurse, male and NOT GAY". Being gay is not negative. How you are treated by society is the NEGATIVE. THe mindset needs to change.

    I also took exception to your statement that we ( "we" being the heterosexual people) to change peoples misconceptions and unfair attitudes. Jay, can you not see the homophobic, small time mind set at work here?

    I am straight female, who loves working with male nurses. I could care less what their sexual habits are. I just love working with competant, caring, fun loving RN's.

    Let's all check our attitudes on this one. It is time people.
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  10. by   Jay Levan
    JMP, Let me see if I understand you First, then maybe I may be able to
    communicate My understanding of this subject to you. Correct me if I am wrong, but you apparently see me as being "unenlightened" about Gays? What that means in societal terms, as well as functional terms? Before I forget, are you online?
    we could chat if you would agree?
  11. by   JMP
    Jay I am on my way out, cannot chat now, but would be happy to later. At a mutually agreeable time.

    I guess I did not make myself clear? I think being gay is the same as being straight. It is the way we are born. It is not a choice. It is not a lifestyle.
    I believe that as long as we continue to cast negative thoughts around about being gay, it will be seen in a negative light.

    Lets chat later J.
  12. by   Jay Levan
    JMP, Let me see if I understand you First, then maybe I may be able to
    communicate My understanding of this subject to you. Correct me if I am wrong, but you apparently see me as being "unenlightened" about Gays? What that means in societal terms, as well as functional terms? Before I forget, are you online?
    we could chat if you would agree? I am sorry but I have to withdraw, my invite, may I add you to My buddy list? That way if you choose we may continue this discussion one to one :-) You may PM me anytime and I promise to respond as time allows. Gotta go take a nap before next shift, 10hr e.r. nights. Jay
  13. by   grazie`parknh
    Why is it, that if a man becomes a nurse they call him gay.
    But if he becomes a Doctor they call him brilliant.
    Don't sweat it.
    We need more men in the nursing profession.
    Once we get enough men in, working conditions will change. Men will never put up with the crap administration pulls.