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In general, what is your favorite diagnosis to take care of? I liked Tricyclic OD's (cause they could really crash sneaky and fast); unstable GI bleeds, acute respiratory failure, acute asthmatics... Read More

  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Favorite dx? Wounds. In home health, there are times when wounds are not as easy to heal as they seem. Finding what works can really be challenging.

    Least favorite dx? Psych patients with alot of medical problems
  2. by   Zee_RN
    Oh, yeah, y'all reminded me. . . I hate ortho stuff too. Occasionally get a fresh hip in ICU because of cardiac history. Hate 'em!!!
  3. by   Genista
    What a fun topic! It's interesting how we all have our favorites. Zee_RN- You had me LOL about pts not being able to take their ativan like candy (like they do @ home!) That is sooo true! LOL!

    Least favorite: psych pts, anyone in restraints, VRE/MRSA, etoh w/d, IV drug users/cigarette smokers that MUST go out for the smoke multiple times/shift (even if pulm. problems/unstable tele/multiple drips and SPo2 barely at 90% on 6 liters nasal cannula).

    Favorites: Any interesting new dx; r/o MI, USA, CHF, ESRD/diabetics w/ decubitus or wound care,sepsis/dehydration, Spanish-speaking only pts, and special soft spot for geri pts age 90 & up!
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  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Let's see...hmm...well for starters I can start with my LEAST favorite diagnosis.....Anyone who has had a total joint replacement..No thanks don't much care for orthopedics. Same goes for neurological diagnoses as well.

    MOST favorite diagnosis? COPDers and CHFers--I now work in a medical telemetry/respiratory unit and alot of thest patients are frequent flyers so you get to know them and their families pretty well. Most of them are fun to take care of yet there are some of our frequent flyer COPD pts who are a big ole P.I.T.A.--God FORBID if they dont get their morphine/demerol/oxycontin/ativan etc. etc. on time!!!

  5. by   nurs4kids
    Favorites: Anything Neurosurgical, I love the way they're fine one minute and crashed the next. Like the newly diagnosed brain tumors, family is very emotionally needy. Love big wounds and any abdominal surgeries, the more tubes the better.

    Despise anything respiratory or renal. Psych just makes me realize how little I learned in school. Ohhhhh, HATE endocrine patients...don't say the word "insulin" in front of me, I freak!!!
  6. by   MollyJ
    The Gyn post by Wildtime reminded me how much I hate the "forgotten tampon"....Major EWWWW!

    Also, rectal foreign bodies. You know light bulbs, etc. Is "gerbiling" still in?

    I love the diversity of what people like and hate.
  7. by   Ted
    Most favorite diagnosis to work for: hematology/oncology cases. This was my specialty for over 7 years.

    Least favorite diagnosis to work for: Psych (especially young-aged suicidal cases); orthopedics . . . anything with broken bones gives me the "willies".

    Ted Fiebke
  8. by   NICULPN
    Ok, from a NICU standpoint, of course.........

    Most favorite dx..micropreemies, neuro kids (especially IVH's and Hydrocephalus), heart patients, kids with parents that are fascinated with them and are eager to learn how to care for their children. I love to do hands on teaching with new parents. There is nothing more fun than to watch a first time mom and dad give their baby its first bottle or bath, or to help that mom breastfeed that preemie for the first time that wasn't supposed to live.

    Least favorite dx..not really a dx, so much as a situation. Teenage mom's that don't have a clue what is involved in caring for the child they just made, parents that are unavailable for anything to do with their children, parents that make trouble in the unit (we have a mom now that has threatened to shoot a couple of our nurses, go figure).

  9. by   BeeStrong
    Have to agree with the smoker comment. Had lung/throat CA pt who insisted on smoking (back in the days when pt could smoke in the room) had a trach along with several draining holes in his neck thru which the smoke would come pouring out (along with gobs of mucous)...YUK!! Talk about a death wish.... Also have to agree that ETOH/liver failure/dt's ; withdrawals with numerous medical probs and confused are amongst my least favorites.

    Favorites: geri's 80yo and up who are still alert. They are generally so sweet.

    Great topic...gets ya to thinkin'

  10. by   Enright
    Most: I always loved pediatric transplants. I also loved CFers, teens with anything, and the homely drippy kid that no one else wanted on their assignment. Special place in my heart for new dx diabetic children.

    Least: Anyone who thinks a nurse is a handmaiden, or a prostitute. Anyone who feels that their presence in a hospital means that they don't have to try, cope or make an effort. I am not the best nurse for those with conversion disorders, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.
  11. by   misti_z
    I just discovered my LEAST favorite Dx: Fecal impaction.
    Had one admitted on my floor last night. 3 oil based enemas, 2 soap sud enemas, and a gallon of GoLytely. Needless to say he had an exposion!! It's not that I mind s**t, but the man lost 7 pounds of it. Talk about FOS. Funny thing happened though the man (77 yr old) had history of PVCs and was having them every 4th-5th beat until he had a good solid BM he went into NSR no PVCs!!
  12. by   Zee_RN
    Heheh, misti_z, we frequently say people come to ICU for a good bath and good BM--then they are better! if I had a dollar for every person I've seen "cured" by a good BM, I could send my kids to college.
  13. by   willie2001
    That's so true. I had a male patient who was in A.fib and I was preparing him for elective cardioversion. He had to get up to the commode and as a result had a huge BM and flipped in to a nice NSR before my very eyes .