More questions concerning looking for first L&D job in the DC area....

  1. Thank you to those that answered my first post! I found the information to be very helpful. Next week I am going to about six different hospitals, looking around and probably filling out some applications. A few more questions came into mind since the last post I had. What is a good nurse/patient ratio for L&D? I have a student position at Ohio State in the postpartum unit and the nurses typically get 4 moms and 4 babies. I understand that L&D is different, I will have to ask what our ratio is like in our department. I like what someone said about getting it in writing. Also do places make you sign on the spot when an offer is made or do you get some time to think about it? How much time should I expect to look around the unit and how do I go about talking to people that work there? Also if nurse managers are desperate for help will they tend to lie about their retention rate? What is a good retention rate? I realize that there is a fine line between getting an L&D position because they think you would be good there and getting the job because they'll need you and will take anyone.
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  3. by   renerian
    Yes I have found nurse managers to paint this glorious picture. Be careful. I live near OSU.

  4. by   2banurse
    One of the things I would do and will do when the time comes is to ask for a tour of the floor after passing the initial interview and maybe you can see a little bit more how the floor is running. Maybe you can speak with some of the nurses at the hospitals you are particularly interested and get their feedback.

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Check into membership with AWHONN will be privy to LOTS of info regarding OB/GYN nursing, not the least of which are safe staffing standards. It may get you a leg up on a job, also, if you can show geniune and serious interest in L and D nursing if you are a member of this organization. I wish you well! is their addy.