Minnesota nurses strike

  1. I hope nurses around the country will ban together to effect change in the area of compensation, benefits and working conditions. Yesterday 12 out of 13 hospitals voted to strike June 1st. We are trying to increase wages and health insurance benefits and improve patient safety by attracting more people into nursing. As a nation of nurses we need to publicly disclose the care conditions in hospitals and other health care settings that are decreasing quality care. Most patients have no idea there nurse is caring for so many patients at once it is time the nation sees health care for what it is. I hope that getting a strike vote that would leave only 4 out of 16 hospitals running with their regular staff will help us pioneer the new wage scale for the country. It is our goal to see the new grad make $24/hr and the 10yr nurse $47/hr and then add a % for a bachelors degree and another %for a masters degree. Please support MN nurses and log on to our bargaining union web site at mnnurses.com
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