metabolife questions...

  1. Has anyone heard of any negative side effects from using the weight loss product metabolife? I have several freinds that have had success with it, but I am always leary of using an herbal product for the lack testing and research.

    I'd love to hear any feedback. Thanks
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  3. by   mn nurse
    It made me jittery and irritable...
  4. by   ecb
    I had residua effect for 2 weeks after i stopped. I lost weight but p the couple weeks it bounced back with a snarl

    If I do it again I will temper down the dose a lot

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  5. by   julie foster
    While working recently in a Bakersfield, CA, Emergency Dept., I saw several pts. who had cardiac symptoms...chest pain, palpitations, high bp. after taking metabolife for varying amounts of time...from 2 weeks to 3 months.
  6. by   randomnamees
    Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate your comments. If anyone else has comments both pro and con about metabolife, please share them here. Thanks again