Malpractice/Liability/Unsafe Practice

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    I am a nursing student enrolled in a 4-yr BSN program and I am coming up on my very last semester. One of our assignments entails doing a presentation on one of 4 topics. The topic which my partner and I chose was Malpractice/Liability/Unsafe Practice. I would just like to try and generate some discussion about this topic and perhaps get some ideas for our presentation on the current issues which apply to this topic. I will need to have the topic finalized by Oct. 6th and we also will have to find 18 articles to use. This will be a seminar type discussion and the time will be 60-80 minutes for the entire presentation. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Erbn Girl
    A legal nurse consultant would be a good person to speak to for some assistance. Also contacting a nurse's insurance group such as NSO (Nurse's Service Organization) may be able to give you some help and give you some direction. A copy of your states' Nurse Practice Act would be of benefit too! Just a thought....Good luck on your presentation!