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Hello, I am a nursing student at Purdue University, and over the past semester I have researched the disadvantages and advantages that male nurses face compared to female nurses. Please answer the... Read More

  1. by   kewlnurse
    1)Why did you choose nursing as a career?
    I've done a lot of different things, not going to list them all, but I decided I wanted a job that makes a difference, a job that doesn't make somebody else rich, and a job that i can feel good about doing.

    2)How did your family and friends feel about your decision?

    My friends think I'm F#$^ed up anyway, my family stopped being suprised by stuff that I do a long time ago, My mother has always been supportive of what ever i have done, except for drag racing, she just worried too much, but never came right out an said she dissaproved, but she did buy me the proper flame proof clothing and always made sure my helmet was in good shape, my wife suported my career shoice also

    3)Have you ever been treated different because you are a man in the nursing field? If so, please describe an incident.
    Doc's treat us like they are their buddies,and thick we are usually the charge nurse, a lot of women patients say that men make better nurses cuz we are gentler, probably cuz we have to try harder to be gentle

    4)Do you feel that there are stereotypes facing male nurses? If so, what are these stereotypes?
    The homo thing, granted there are probably more homo's in nursing than like construction, but no as many as in like ballet or figure skating, I have several replys that usually shut people up ie: in a bar or sonthing i usually say "well you'll look pretty stupid getting the $hit beat out of you by a ***" or "I get paid to work with beautiful women, you work with a bunch of sweaty men"...
    everyonce in a while you get the "not smart enough for med school" question, depends on my mood, but it's usually a simple "F@#$k you". I can get pretty crass, but you get sick of stupid people saying the same thing over and over, I get asked if my wife is a nurse too almost every day, can't figure that out.