Mal Practice Insurance

  1. I am a recent grad working in a small community hospital. I have been told by several people to look into my own mal practice insurance. Could someone give me some ideas of what to look for in a mal practice insurance policy and costs?
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Not that many people write nursing malpractice insurance policies. You can get your insurance through ANA if you are a member and you can also talk to a local representative of the St. Paul (something like "The St. Paul Marine, Fire and Life Insurance"). Many other professional groups offer malpractice to their members. (For example I think AACN does.) Terms of insurance, I believe, vary with states, but my insurance limits of coverage are $1,000,000/$3,000,000 which is the standard and the upper limits in my state. My premium runs about $150-170/year, I believe. For $13-15 per month, if you get sued, you will have help from people with experience in the field. I pray every time I pay my premium that I will NEVER get a return on my investment :-)