LPNs in Denver, Colorado and furthering their education

  1. Any other LPNs in Denver, Colorado wanting to further their education and get a RN or BSN. What schools are you looking into. There are almost NO more LPN-RN bridge programs and the only other options I have found is University of Phoenix which is $68,000 and 4.5 years or Platt college which is around $80,000 for a 3 year program. I am feeling very frusterated at the limited options and I really want to further my education. Has anyone found any others that I don't know about.
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  3. by   Ryandoug72
    I have been looking too. I want to start LPN program at Concorde Career College< but I don't want to do it if I have no option to advance. I just saw online Front range community has Lpn Bridge program. I'm just not sure if they still have because it doesn't appear they have updated the paperwork in some time. Ive been trying to call today but haven't gotten through yet. If you are able to find out let me know!
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  4. by   Ryandoug72
    Have you had any luck??
  5. by   BrandonLPN
    60-80k is WAY too expensive. Consider an ADN program at your community college.