LPN-RN school...I need advice!!

  1. I'm 24 years old and I have been an LPN for almost 2 years. I got accepted to start this September at a part time evening/weekend RN program, which I thought would work out well considering I need to keep my full time 9-5 job as an LPN. I discovered that none of my nursing classes that I took for LPN will transfer over into this RN program. This program is also 36 months long, with 2 days during the week for classes and clinical every other weekend.

    Here is my problem. There is another college that specifically has an LPN-RN program, in which all of my classes would transfer and it would only take me one year. It is a full time evening weekend program, so I could still keep my full time LPN job, but not have time for much else...that program does not start until January, and I cannot apply until July.

    So heres my question. Should I not start this fall program and hope for the best that I'll get into the full time one year college? Or do I start this part time program and just go through with it? Or do I start the program and apply and leave if I get accepted? I'm really stuck...
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    How do the costs compare? Are both properly accredited?
  4. by   choray
    both accredited, cost isn't too much of an issue as i get tuition advancement from my work. The one year program will be significantly cheaper, as compared to $32,000 for the part time 3 year. I only need 6 classes for the one year