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  1. Hi!
    I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and am currently working on a casual basis on a cardiology unit in Newfoundland, Canada. Although I am quite satisfied with the work that I do I am not with the system. I am only called when I am needed and this makes depending on a stable income impossible. I am looking to obtain a job with a good salary and benefits somewhere in the US. I am undecided at this time about where I should go. I am looking to relocate September of 1999. I do not have the NCLEX written and am looking to go somewhere where this is not a requirement, if possible. Anyone have any suggestions???

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  3. by   BetRN
    Hi Michelle!

    Congrats on your move, that sounds exciting. I am really not sure on your question. Each state has their own requirements as to licensure from out of state/country RN's looking for licensure in their state. All I can offer is the suggestion that you look up "state boards of nursing" on the internet. Most boards (California has one) have major websites that offer all the criteria you need to transfer licenses. Good luck!

  4. by   cbangs
    I am anursing coordinator with a travel nursing company. Having done the research, I can tell you there are currently nine states which will endorse CNAT, however the thing that will effect you is that most of them require a score of 400 or better, that means if you took the exam after 6-95 they won't accept it. Contact me at cbangs@staffmark.com if I can be of further help.

    Cindi Bangs
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