Looking for salary amounts for small (approx. 100 bed) rural hospitals

  1. We are going to be negotiating a new contract at my hospital soon. I am curious to hear how much other nurses at similar size hospitals are making. (Preferably in Pennsylvania or New York). Our job rate is $14.99 plus .45 shift differential for night shift. Would appreciate your help.
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  3. by   HappyNurseMom
    Check out this month of Nursing 2000--they published their first salary poll ever. I'm not sure its as narrow as you would like but may prove helpful. www.springnet.com
  4. by   CANRN
    I work casual in a small rural hospital, we have just a few beds shy of 100. A casual employee makes 17.85 an hour, all employees get .75 cents shift differential after 3pm. All salaries are based on experience.
    Hope this helps.

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