Looking for CCU/ICU handbook

  1. Can anyone recommend a critical care handbook (pocket sized)?

    The one I have is very old and I can't remember where I got it.


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  3. by   Jen911
    I use a nice little pocket guide from the CheckMate series. Since I have the book for the ER, I haven't personally looked at the Critical Care book, but I certainly like my ER guide. It has nice laminated pages for wear and tear, and you can have your name printed on the cover to prevent sticky fingers from taking your book. The guide has algorithms, drip/dose charts, stuff like that...just a great handy book to keep in your pocket.

  4. by   mary-grace
    I have a great handbook for ccu/icu our Nurse educator got it for me and I can't recall the writer. but you could find out by calling bmc at 501-202-2000. ask for Sarah Fruething. She'll know the one.