Link to Video?.....Help Please!

  1. Hi all,

    I once saw a video of a operation (i believe it was a "c" section delievery) on ""...but now i can't find it. (sigh).

    I did a search for surgery...and came up empty (sigh).

    Can someone direct me to a sample surgery?

    Thanks very much in advance....
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  3. by   nurz2be

    Here is a website we use at our school to watch procedures. Hope this can help ya.

    The thing that is REALLY cool about this one is if watch one live, you can type in a question and they will answer you while you are watching the procedure. It is AMAZING. I always wanted to do ER but for the life of me, when I watch these I get goosebumps and want to be part of it.
  4. by   TonyFl
    thanks nuztobe....

    that's a great site....