Level number meanings??

  1. I was under the impression a Level 1 facility was best and 2, then 3 etc. SIL thought 4 was best then down to a Level 1. Best meaning able to do specialty, not in a bad way. Ex: you have a high risk baby- do you want to be in a Level 1 NICU or Level 4?
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  3. by   BuffaloLPN
    I can answer myself. I was wrong. It does mean 4 for specialty down to 1 for healthy babies only. Guess we learn something new everyday!
  4. by   thanatos
    It works that way for NICUs, but for trauma centers, it is the opposite: Level 1 is the highest level down to Level 4, the lowest.
  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    Way to confuse me! LOL!