Latex Sensitivity

  1. We are just instituting our Latex Policies at the hospital I work. We are interesting in finding at what type of quality indicators other institutions are traacking in regards to Latex sensitivites. Thank you for any suggestions offered or sharing of what your facilities are doing!

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  3. by   Erbn Girl
    Our hospital makes it a standard question on admission statements for patients about allergies. It asks if they are allergic to food, drugs OR latex, just in case patients do not equate the latex with a general "are you allergic to anything?" question. There are always several boxes of latex-free gloves for the nurses as well as latex-free EKG adhesive pads (I work on a telemetry floor). We also have periodic inservices about latex and things to look for about latex allergies.
    I feel our institution covers the subject pretty well. Just a thought!