Kaplan Nclex Review

  1. Has anyone here attended KAPLAN International Review Course? I have been told that they were great esp. the books and videos. Do you think it very effective?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Don't think that you need it.............
  4. by   Ami_J
    I don't know about the class, I didn't take it. I did buy the Kaplan book though and found it to be very helpful.
  5. by   zuriel
    I used saunders review book and kaplan cd's. it works with me.
  6. by   BSN2004
    Kaplan was good. Dont think I would have passed without it, i'm not the testing type and it helped my understand the questions better. Saunders is also EXCELLENT!!! together they helped me become a working RN!
  7. by   redwinggirlie
    Kaplan books, at least two years ago, only let you test twice to practice. I used the Springhouse book/CD and was able to test a billion times with as many questions as I wanted. None of my peers took the Kaplan course, or used the books and we all passed. I also used Mosby's book/CD
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